Tax Disputes

We appreciate the role of fiscal authorities in the society and we believe this role should go beyond revenue collection or sanctioning, to raise awareness of taxpayers and provide them with the necessary guidance. We believe a balance should be struck to allow taxpayers discharge in due time of straightforward liabilities.

Given the critical importance of taxation, the law must be very clear. This is an important objective and its achievement implies conjunct efforts of the authorities and business community, as well as initiative of specialized consultants. In this respect, we support with concrete steps the improvement, clarification and simplification of tax legislation.

We advise and represent major companies, which are important contributors to the state budget, in a wide range of fiscal issues and complex disputes.

We have come across cases when errors were admitted to and partly rectified, which shows there are chances for a better enforcement of the tax law in the future.

Pending this, we shall spare no efforts when it comes to fighting against any weaknesses in this matter, may them be consequences of unclear regulation, or just misapplications.

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